Why this product is not cheaper?

Quality and Standards: Products manufactured in the USA are often associated with higher quality and stricter manufacturing standards. The United States has stringent regulations and quality control measures to which manufacturers must adhere, leading to better craftsmanship and reliable products.

Labor Conditions and Fair Wages: The USA generally has higher labor standards and worker protections than some countries, including China. Workers in the USA States often pay better wages and work in safer environments, which can contribute to better product quality.

Environmental Regulations: The USA typically has stricter environmental regulations and guidelines for manufacturers. This often leads to more sustainable production processes and lower environmental impacts compared to regions with less stringent regulations, such as China.

Transparency and Intellectual Property: Intellectual property rights are more rigorously protected in the USA, reducing the risk of product counterfeiting or the unauthorized use of designs. This provides a transparent and trustworthy business environment for both consumers and manufacturers.

Faster shipping and reduced lead times: For customers in the USA, buying domestically produced goods means shorter shipping distances and reduced lead times. This can be advantageous for time-sensitive purchases and for improving overall customer satisfaction.

Supporting Local Economy and Jobs: Purchasing Made in USA products helps support local businesses and contributes to job creation within the country. This can have a positive impact on the national economy and local communities.

Lower Shipping Costs for Domestic Customers: Domestic shipping costs for businesses selling products in the USA are generally lower when dealing with local manufacturers. This could result in better profit margins and competitive pricing.

Customization and Flexibility: Working with domestic manufacturers often provides more flexibility in product customization and the ability to respond quickly to market demands and customer preferences.